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MG TC Technical Data and Resource Library
As I gather literature and other resources for my MG TC, I like to share them electronically whenever possible to assist other TC owners and those who just have an interest in these beautiful cars.  I've done this quite successfully for the Centaur Motor Scooters.  To view any of the resources, click on the link.  To Save a resource, right-click it and use the 'Save As' option.
The MG TC Provenance List (CLICK HERE) - (Updated 07/16/2022) An unofficial directory of MG TCs by serial number gleaned from various published club rosters, magazines, advertisements, and  Internet sites.  Updated sporadically as new information comes available. No contact information is provided, only the data source year, general location by state or country, owner name where available, engine number, color(s), and any special notes.
The Red Car -by Don Stanford: illustrations by by George Tricoglou and Alan Hicks.  The original 1954 publication had 15 illustrations which were dropped in later editions of the book.  Here they are all scanned from a 1954 edition I bought at a book sale as a kid back in the 1960s.


Factory Literature - Click on the covers to download the .pdf files

Magazine Articles

October 10, 1945 (Dealer Reprint

October 1949 Motor Trend Magazine
MG TC Road Test

October 1949 Motor Trend Magazine
Sports Car Racing Article (TCs!)

October 1980 Car Collector Magazine
Cover feature on MG TC

October 1949 LIFE magazine
MG Midget Craze

November 1961 Road and Track
TC Salon in Color

July 2009 Classic & Sports Cars Magazine
MG TC color feature
February 1967 Car and Driver Magazine
TC Color Salon feature

April 6, 1949 MOTOR TRADER
MG TC Service Guide

Export Supplement

Technical Data/Parts Information
Light Bulb Information
  • Fuel Warning Lamp (small bayonet base) - Sylvania 1445


Miscellaneous Parts
  • Fuel Sending Unit O-Ring - (1/4 x 1/8 x 1/16 DANCO #35774B)
TC Top Installation


Spin-On Oil Filter (Moss adapter)
  • Bosch 3423 - 110mm inner tube
  • WIX 51516
  • K&N HP-2009
  • FRAM PH3600
  • NAPA Gold 1361

NOTE: Be sure to check inner height of filter tube - STP-16 filters seal against tube and cut off oil pressure!