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EV Warrior Documents (Select each to open .PDF file)


EV Warrior Sales Flyer
Fact Sheet


Promotional Comic Book
The EV Warriors #1
Electric Bicycle Company
Change of Ownership Card
GripShift MRX
Service Instructions

EV Warrior Factory
Pedal Installation Instructions

October 1995 Popular Science
EV Warrior Article

(Provided by Craig Stephens, enhanced by Stuart Zukrow)
EV Warrior Owner's Manual

Catseye Kosmos Computer
ST300 Instructions

SACHS Hydraulic Disc Brake

EV Guardian Security System


EV Warrior Voltage Regulators

Although the two circuit boards at left look different, they are interchangeable voltage regulators for the EV Warrior.  The top version is mounted vertically on the right side of the main circuit board, held in by two screws.  The lower version, which appears to have replaced the larger board, mounts to the top of the main motor frame just above the remote security module, also using two screws. The wiring harness plugs into either module with no issues.


Bypassing the EV Warrior Guardian Security System

The remote security system for the EV Warrior was a $200 option.  The remote package (receiver and remote) is still available brand new for $19.95 from https://electricscooterparts.com.  The fob and receiver must be replaced together.  However, you can bypass the system easily.  Unplug the receiver from the wiring harness and use a short wire to jump the center two wires (orange and white).  As long as the power switch is off, you don't have to disconnect the batteries.  See the photo at right.  In truth, the security system did not help much - you could still pedal the bike away, just not use the electric motors.


  • Manufacturer: Electric Bicycle Corporation

  • Assembly: Sanyo North American Corporation in Tijuana Mexico

  • Manufacturing Dates: 1993-1997

  • Weight: 65 pounds

  • Propulsion system: Brushed electric motors, individual CW/CCW rotation for right and left

    • Operating voltage: 12-24V DC
    • No Load RPM: 2640 @12V, 5380 @24V
    • Peak Horsepower: .368 @12V, 1.53 @24V
    • No load current: 3.9A
    • Stall current: 99.2A @12V, 198 @24V
    • Weight: 3.24lb
    • Diameter: 4 inches
    • Length: 2.72 inches
    • Shaft: 8mm diameter x 30mm
  • Main Batteries: 12 volt sealed Type SLA Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead/acid gel battery

    • Amp Hours: 17 (original), 18, or 22

    • Dimensions: 7.13 in x 3.01 in x 6.57 in

    • Weight: 13.01 Lbs (each)

  • Other Batteries:

    • Catseye Computer: 3V 2032 disc-type

    • Security Fob: 12V A23

  • Frame: Aluminum (Made by Zimmark Corp, Malaysia, then Giant in Taiwan)

  • Rear Hub: 6-speed derailleur-type with Grip Shift MRX Quick Shift handlebar controller

  • Speed: Up to 20 mph without pedaling, with a handlebar-mounted, thumb-controlled throttle

  • Range: 20-25 miles depending on battery Amp Hours and rider weight

  • Tires:

    • 26x2.125 inches

    • Special flat tread for friction drive

    • 40 PSI

    • 2070 wheel circumference setting (Catseye computer)

  • Standard Features:

    • Catseye Kosmos Cycling Computer with speedometer/odometer/clock

    • Power monitoring console with battery energy gauge

    • LED taillights w/separate flasher switch

    • LED brake lights

    • Halogen headlights

    • Electric horn

    • Cruiser-style seat

  • Price: $1399 - $1899 depending on options/model

    • EVS base model - $1399

    • EVX Deluxe model - $1899 (includes all options)

  • Options ($199 each):

    • LED turn indicators in rear view mirrors

    • SACHS front disc brake (Hydraulic)

    • EV Guardian Security System Theft-deterrent with remote fob

  • Giant Bicycle Frame - higher seat post collar with air pressure sticker (1995)
  • Center point kickstand under crank bracket
  • Different console fuel meter window decal
  • Pivoting charging point cover instead of separate red vinyl plug
  • Does not have 'Premiere Collector Edition' decals


  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Black
  • Dark Metallic Green
  • Medium Metallic Green
  • Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Purple