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The History and Main Restoration of TC5308

April 22, 1948 - TC5308 is 'born' - This is the actual handwritten factory production book, which records the 'official birth' of TC5308 on 22 April 1948, the 4th of 10 cars produced that day. Nothing is known of the car's past until 1957, when it was purchased in Spokane WA by USAF Lieutenant Leonard J. Carmell.  Serving as a radar navigator for B-36 bombers at Fairchild AFB, Lt. Carmell apparently was looking at other cars.  According to daughter Miani, "He was also considering a l957 Ford Thunderbird at the time. I remember liking the Thunderbird better. He drove the MG every day until he sold it, with the exception of the year he spent in Viet Nam l965-66."  In 2000, then Lt. Col. Carmell sold the car to friend John Eichelberger, also of Florida. Mr. Eichelberger had a full restoration started by Andy and Shelley Culley (see below) about 2002. Either due to loss of interest or funds, restoration was halted at about 80% and the car sat in Mr. Eichelberger's garage for about seven years before he decided to put it on eBay. That's when I bought it!
eBay Description - Vehicle has been totally disassembled down to the bare frame. blasted, painted , dampers [shock absorbers], rebuilt by apple, chrome buckets [lights] radiator surround d-lights, parking lights have all been rechromed. hard to find fog light included, all new interior from moss, new master cylinder and 4 wheel cylinders all new. brake lines are S.S. new wire harness is new from Moss. new Alfin brake drums, new pads. dash is new instruments rebuilt by Moma in New Mexico engine rebuilt note correct valve cover, new fuel pump note dist. has the correct adjusting knob. radiator boiled and rebuilt. new clutch and pressure plate, gear box works fine. new Moss rear end seal.   Tires new from Coker tire as are tubes. spare is not new tire but new tube. additional rear lights are added for safety and are attached with quick connect wire disconnect and magnets for shows. seats are new and not just reupholstered. dash lights are NOS Lucas. tonneau cover included as is car cover. Top is not new but fits tight and has no rips side windows are complete and included. windshield chrome all rechromed ,new glass, wiper motor rebuilt, wipers new.  finish is correct sequoia cream , excuse the spelling,  PPG global , I have small container of paint left over. all body work done by British body man who manufactured all strips under wings. I called them drip edges. car is very good condition. and is being sold to fund new project. as with any 60 year old car there is no warranty.
Major restoration work by Andy and Shelley Culley
Andy and Shelley Culley, the couple that restored Wildflower back around 2002, dug up photos of the restoration and very kindly scanned them for me.  Here is a look at Wildflower's past.  The license plate on the back reading 'SNAFU' seemed to sum up her condition at the start - she was a very tired-looking TC.  There was collision damage to the frame and let front fender, bad wood, broken and discolored gauges, battered and incorrect lights, missing parts... In fairness, the car had provided regular service for more than 50 years!  Use the arrows on the right and left to move through the photos.