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The Restoration of TC5308

Major Work Performed by A.R.C. Vehicle Restoration Services


Andy and Shelley Culley, the couple that restored Wildflower back around 2002, dug up photos of the restoration and very kindly scanned them for me.  Here is a look at Wildflower's past.  The license plate on the back reading 'SNAFU' seemed to sum up her condition at the start - she was a very tired-looking TC.  There was collision damage to the frame and let front fender, bad wood, broken and discolored gauges, battered and incorrect lights, missing parts... and then there was that lovely color scheme of metallic lizard green on rust and bondo.  It looked like they spray painted the seats with the same paint that was used on the body!   Use the arrows on the right and left to move through the photos.