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For Auction With NO RESERVE! RARE 1960s CENTAUR Motor Scooter The Original "FOLD-UP" SCOOTER! Starting bid Only $250! Auction Ends Friday August 10th! Bid Now To Win!

Offered for you consideration, on a no reserve auction is the exact shown, very rare, and all original 1960's Centaur Brand Fold Up Motor Scooter! The attached photographs with this listing are photos taken of the exact scooter being offered for sale. Scooter appears exactly as it is shown in all photos. This scooter is currently inside our climate controlled shop, and we have been able to inspect and get accurate photographs for your viewing. I encourage you to please use the zoom feature to inspect this rare, and unique collectible. YES, this thing does run, and it runs very well! Scooter had been in a personal collection of a motor cycle collector for some time, and had not been rode. After changing out the spark plug and cleaning the filter and draining the fuel it fired right up. Scooter has a top speed of 40 mph and this has been proven with a 235 lb adult riding it. Now for the best part: This scooter is able to go 100 miles on ONE GALLON of gas! If you will notice the attached 1960s magazine add at the bottom of the listing you will notice this information.

Not only is this a true retro collectible from the 1960's, this thing is so groovy, as it folds up into the size of a normal suitcase and has a handle to carry it with! When folded up the scooter weighs 90lbs. The scooter measures 33x24x19 inches. Perfect size for riding to work folding it up, and placing inside your office closet! Think of all the money and fuel cost you will save! This is better than any over-rated fifty thousand dollar hybrid vehicle you will find! As shown in the photographs, the scooter has the original Clinton 2 stroke engine. All of the scooter are original, including the tires! Item has been very well cared for and has spend the majority of its life indoors. It is impossible to know the true mileage, but it is not very many, and less than 1,000 for sure. I have listed the mileage at 500 in the listing.

Current owner is down-sizing his collection of motorcycles (we have a 1925 Henderson listed right now on auction!) and this is just one of many of the rare items we have listed for auction from his personal collection. Selling with a no reserve auction and a very low starting bid! Do not let this item get away, think of all the money you can save on fuel! Do not let it get away! Somebody is going to bid and win it, why not you???

Caroholic Comment - This is a really clean scooter, about par price-wise with past sales of similar scooters.  Both the seller and buyer can be happy. 

1960 Other Makes VINTAGE 1960s CENTAUR Fold Up MOTOR SCOOTER MOPED 40mph & 100 mpg MOTORCYCLE - Glasgow KY - SOLD on eBay for $2,601 (24 bids) 8/10/12

Two 1963 Centaur Folding Motor Scooters - Lancaster PA, SOLD on eBay for $2,099.95 (Only 1 bid!) 7/29/12.

Caroholic Comment - Just one scooter sold for more than this incredible package just a week later - the single bidder got a fantastic deal.  In comparison, a pair of Centaurs sold for $4500 3 years ago with no extras.

Two 1963 Centaur ‘Folding’ Scooters -Here’s the unique opportunity to obtain not one, but two running and titled Centaur Folding Scooters. Built from 1960 to 1965 by Lombard Industries, these unique bikes are true part of American motor history. Not only are both bikes in running condition, included in the sale are several unique and one off factory accessories, very seldom seen for these bikes

Bike 1 – This bike had a partial cosmetic restoration performed on it. When we got it the molded panels were very weathered (though in very good condition). We coated these with SEM Color Coat for plastics, and will include extra materials so you can touch up the finish should you wish. As is typical of Centaurs, there is some minor damage to the side panel by the pull starter. I had thought to place a metal plate over this, but have not gotten around to it.  In the interest of full disclosure, there are two other small problems with this bike. First, it tends to hesitate when the throttle is opened. I suspect the carburetor needs to be cleaned, but again have not had the chance to do so. Additionally, the frame stop for the kick stand was cracked when I got the bike. I have installed a doubler, but it probably should be welded at some point.

Bike 2 – This bike has had no cosmetic work done on it. It runs very well, and is the one that I usually ride. (In fact, I went on a 50 mile Moped rally two years ago with it, it was a blast!)  Interestingly, this bike has a factory luggage rack, very useful if you really intend on riding it (vs. just having a conversation piece).  Prior to my purchase, there must have been an issue with the headlight on this bike. It does not have the original headlight, but it looks like someone did a very good job of grafting a tractor headlight on it. Also, one of the handle bars is slightly bent (doesn’t affect ride ability). Please take in mind that this bike is almost 50 years old! Now the unique stuff. When I got the bikes they came with two sets of factory saddle bags, one of which were still in the original shipping box! I’ve seen quite a number of Centaurs on the internet, some with and some without the luggage rack, but I’ve NEVER seen these bags. (And no, I won’t split them up from the auction) Even more amazing, in the box were two sets of frame clips for these bags still in the original packaging! The only really downside to this scoot is that the original air cleaner screen was missing, so I fabricated a replacement from chicken wire. If you go online, you’ll see that some Clinton engines had round aircleaners (like bike 1) and some had square ones. I can’t figure out a reason for this. If you really want the original, no doubt one could be had with a little searching, as these were standard on many versions of the Clinton engine.


On eBay now (ends 03/10/09)  Centaur Scooter 50cc Clinton Engine Mini Bike Go Kart  - Starting bid $99 -  Complete running Clinton 2 stroke engine. Original engine removed from a Centaur folding scooter. Just missing pipe & air cleaner. Needs new pull cord and starter doesn't always retract properly but starts right up.

Caroholic Comment - Looks like a great spare - running, and includes the carb.  A bit rougher than the engine that sold for $355 back in May, but remember that two Centaurs sold for $2500 each!

SOLD on eBay March 8, 2009 for $4,995 - 1964 Other Makes : SUITCASE CYCLE PAIR/CENTAURS -  I am a collector of odd an unusual scooters and motorbikes, am planning to move south so must dissolve collection ASAP. Everything is original unrestored and were running fine when stored ,gas drained ,lights worked and these do have titles. They belonged to an older fellow and his wife who kept them folded up in his plane and used them to travel back and forth to his summer home. Car, trunk to the airport, which was just a hop skip and a jump away from the landing strip, there is a pair both, in complete and running condition, with horizontal Clinton 2 stroke engines. I rode them over the years very little, mostly showed them .No disappointments, a very cool once in a lifetime find with clear titles good luck! Bid to own, they are for sale locally so understand first come first serve ,buyer must be able to take care of shipping arrangements, I HAVE ONE WOODEN CRATE THAT WILL FIT ONLY ONE WILL THROW IN FOR FREE. WILL NOT SPLIT THEM UP! .

Caroholic Comment - This is a new high - $2500 each not counting crating and shipping.  I was very surprised and pleased by the sale, but I bet the seller was even happier! 


SOLD on eBay 12/08/2008 for $355.00 - Clinton E-65 Engine/Centaur Folding Scooter -  Clinton E-65 Engine. Used on Centaur Folding Scooters of the early 1960's. Has great spark and compression. I bought this engine as a spare back up for my other two Centaur Scooters. I never needed the engine for parts. The engine delivers 5.2 hp and it has a 5.76 cubic inch displacement, putting it in the Class A category. Number on engine is MOD-E-65-1101 - serial number is 2155760. The engine comes with original mount.

Caroholic Comment - Great spare for any Centaur owner - except one like me with a whole spare Centaur!  Curious thing is the motor alone sold for almost half of what a complete, running Centaur sold for just a month ago!

SOLD on eBay 11/09/2008 for $787.00 -  CENTAUR SCOOTER FOLD UP VINTAGE LOMBARD INDUSTRIES NR   -  I am not sure of the exact year, but I believe it is in the 1962 - 1964 range. This actually folds up so you can store in the trunk of your car, in a storage area of your boat or RV, etc. The scooter looks to have spent most of its life folded up and stored away. I have done nothing in the way of restoring this bike. The way it looks in the pictures is pretty much the way I got it. This scooter is in terrific condition for its age. All I really did with the scooter is get it up and running. I would think this would be a fairly easy restore if desired. It appears to be all original to me from my research including the factory wiring, but please do your own research. There are a couple of items I know are not original; the side handles, air filter and carb/choke linkage. The scooter still has the factory Clinton Engine and it is in very nice shape. I did replace both crank seals due to age. The rest of the engine, ignition, etc. looked great. Still has factory carb and it works well. The scooter was missing the carb/choke linkage and air filter when I got it, so I installed an aftermarket air filter. I used a spring wire to operate the choke, not factory but it gets the job done. There is a small seepage at the fuel bowl, may just need the new bowl gasket. Scooter starts easily, headlight works as does the tailight and brake light. Handlebars and headlight are in very nice shape. As seen in the pics, seat does need to be recovered as there are tears in the cover. Tires are Goodyear and look almost new as I can still see the nipples on threads. All plastic is in nice shape as well. Can only see where someone had added side handles. Scooter also has foot pegs that fold out for the passenger. Rear brake works fine as well. I do not have a title for this scooter but can provide a bill of sale.

Caroholic Comment: This one was a bargain compared to most of the recent offerings.  It was missing the carry strap and some of the carb bits are incorrect as noted in the ad, but those are minor issues.  Lots of photos and even videos of it running.  I think the buyer got a god deal here.


SOLD on eBay 10/25/2008 for $177.50 -  Centaur fold up Scooter / Mini Bike by Lombard  -  You are looking at a Centaur by Lombard Industries, Inc. Serial# 300102. Model# T54. The motor does spin over. There is no title for this bike. A title can be obtained from WWW.ITS-TITLES.COM. This item was bought in bulk therefore we do not know the history on it.  It appears that the bike folds in half and the handle bars fold in to put in a trunk. It has 2 cycle Briggs & Stratton engine that is missing the carburator and I've never had it running. It does seem to have good compression. Has a headlamp and tail lamp, plastic front fender and running board, 2 seater with fold out foot pegs for the passenger. Tire size 4.10 / 3.50 -6. The seat is missing. Has a fold down full stand, rear suspension, internal drum rear brake, variable belt clutch (like an automatic transmission). Also included is a 2 cycle Tecumseh engine (off a snow thrower) that runs great and looks very similar to Briggs that is on the scooter. This bike is sold as-is where-is. Inspection/Pick-up must be done during the business hours of 8:00am.-3:30pm. Monday-Friday.

Caroholic Comment - Only usable for parts - neither engine is correct, and it's missing all the trim and side panels.  It might be a good basis for someone to build a 'hot rod' folding scooter.  The seller should be very happy - I wonder what the buyer plans to do with it?.

SOLD on eBay 9/10/2008 for $610 -  1965 Other Makes : Centaur scooter E651101A -  One too many projects so this one has to go! A very rare 1965 Centaur folding scooter. WITH CA BLACK PLATE TITLE, last regd in 1973. Perfect scooter made for traveling. Folds up to the size of a large suit case and weighs in at just about 98lbs. This would be a very easy restoration as the motor turns over and fires. I have not had it running but was able to to make it make some noise. I'm sure it just needs a carb cleaning and points adjusted. The motor is complete. Only thing missing is the chrome trim that goes in front of the seat but this can be remade fairly easily. All plastic pieces are accounted for but the seat will need to recovered or replaced. Both the headlight and tail light are intact as well as the brake lever and the throttle turns easily.

The basic bad stuff about it. There are a few small cracks in the body plastics. Nothing major but do not expect a perfect bike. The right side passenger peg is removed as the mounting point is damaged and needs to be repaired. The peg is included. Center stand is not attached but also included. Tires should probably be replaced, they look original and do no know if they hold air.

Caroholic Comment - This started off way cheap - I was tempted to bid for the red plastic panels I need to complete my other Centaur, but gave up when bidding got real.   The buyer contacted me and said it was pretty much as advertised.  Looks like a good deal for him!



NOT SOLD on eBay (ended 02/05/08) One bid at $500 starting bid - Reserve Not Met -  CENTAUR Fold UP MOTOR SSOOTER Made From 1961 to about 63 by lombard industries out of Conn. Not sure of all the info on the Co.but more info on the web. Runs probably as it did when new , has very little use seems to be all there.I also have sales lit & copies of the owners manual . Dont want to ship but I can at your expense .Located near Troy ny Call Chuck for more info. I have 2 others. A $100 deposit due when auction closes.


Caroholic Comment - Looked like a great deal here - the scooter is complete and solid with the exception of the rear nameplate, and there are lots of pictures to go by.  Considering what others have gone for, I am surprised this one didn't get more bids.


Caroholic comment - Here is another case of a seller not providing enough pictures - it appears complete and original except for the lift handle, but without seeing it unfolded and in clearer detail who is going to bid $2,000 for it? 


SOLD on eBay 11/29/07 for $200 - 1960's folding scooter - 1960's Centaur folding scooter, collectors item, clinton 2 cycle motor, runs but needs work and drive belt. the side panels are all that is missing.

Caroholic comment - I was planning to bid on this myself - it's only 4 hours away and was a great parts source - but got distracted and forgot about it.  The seller could have done way better with some decent pictures and a more detailed description.  The buyer did very well, though the value of the Centaur is cut by half or more due to the missing side panels.  They make the difference between it being a 'suitcase scooter' and a weird minibike, and they just are not available as replacements.  Bad news is that shipping is likely to double the purchase price.

SOLD on eBay 9/29/07 for $1,225 - 1960 Other makes - Center - Rare, 1960s Centaur Fold-up Scooter, in excellent original (but not perfect) condition. I'm selling this for my wife's grandmother. They had this on their boat and used it while in port. This ingenious scooter is in amazing condition considering it was last registered in 1975..

Mechanical Issues: The carb needs to be either cleaned or rebuilt as it leaks. Also, a few of the pull starter fins are chipped/broken, but have been repaired. That's it!!

Appearance issues: The strap used to carry the scooter has caused some of the seat vinyl to wear behind it. But the rest of the scooter looks amazingly complete and in excellent condition.

The engine is a 2 cycle, and I believe the mixing ratio is 20:1. I was able to get it up and running in only about 30 minutes... after sitting since 1975!!!! Grandpa was definitely mechanically inclined, and knew how to take care of his vehicles, as he definitely stored this one properly.

Almost forgot: To sweeten the deal, this scooter also comes with a spare Clinton engine (the red one in the pics). It was from a lawn mower, but is the exact same size and specs for the scooter.

NOT SOLD on eBay September 5, 2007 - High Bid $685.00 - Vintage Centaur Suitcase Motor Scooter - This is an auction for a great vintage Centaur motor scooter. This was obtained by the original owner who claims to have only driven it once or twice. We have no idea if it runs or not. It was stored in a garage and with a little TLC, this should be in running condition very soon. What you see is what you get, sold "as is". Low reserve. We've seen ones in worse shape go for more than we're asking. Shipping: $40 shipping inside the continental United States.


Sold on eBay May 18th for $1,228.99 - Centaur Motor Scooter 1960? - Suitcase Scooter - This is a Centaur Fold Up Motor Scooter in Very Good condition.  It is in very good condition and is 100% complete. It runs and operates 100% including the lights. The chrome has some pitting but is presentable but not show quality. The luggage rack has some minor rust on it. The scooter has been cleaned up and detailed and all parts look to be original except for the gas cap. The plastic panel in the area of the pull starter has had a brushed aluminum plate installed to cover the area where the rope goes through the panel. The plastic is worn out by the rope from the pull starter. As you can see in the photos the area around the exhaust pipe is slightly deformed from the heat. This appears to be common on these scooters. The engine serial number is 02292 and the model number is E65-1101. The chassis serial number is 300101 and the model appears to be 784. 

Caroholic Comment: Very little interest in this scooter, though it seems one of the nicest I have seen for sale. This one has damage to the plastic in several places, which probably hurt the bidding a lot.


Charlotte Auto Fair - April 11-14, 2007.  Poking about the thousands of vendors at Charlotte, I spotted an almost complete Centaur in pretty decent shape.  The right side plastic panel was damaged, and the front wheel assembly was missing.  The seat strap/handle was there.  I had delusions of picking up a cheap parts scooter - HA!  When I found the owner, he said he had the front wheel but had forgotten it.  And he's sold several Centaurs, including one last year in worse shape for $1,000!  I didn't bother asking the price of this one.  One a lighter note, he said a good article had just come out about the Centaur scooter.  As he started looking for it, I asked if it was in Antique Automobile magazine.  He said "Yes.  Did you read it?"  I had to grin.  "No, I wrote it."


NOT SOLD on eBay (ended 03/05/07 with a $760 high bid that did not meet reserve) - 1961 Other Makes : Other Centaur fold up scooter - (from the ad) 1960's Centaur fold-up scooter - unrestored, rare find Vehicle Description Extremely rare barnyard find!!! And it Runs I started it today!! All Lights work Head and Tail.  The only damage is the missing hand strap that goes across the seat, the seat needs to be rebolted to frame, and some scuffs by the pull starter see pic (visible on right panel). it starts right up . It is a 2 stroke motor with a 8:1 ratio of gas/30W oil. A scooter just like this one sold for $1300 last week on Ebay and it did not even run.

Caroholic Comment:  Just goes to show the market is all over the place on these.  Like most unusual collectibles, the value depends on who happens to be looking at the moment.

SOLD ON EBAY ($1,300 using Buy It Now) - February 15, 2007 - (From the ad) Extremely rare barnyard find!!! The only damage I found is the missing hand strap that goes across the seat, finger tip size crack on foot hold and one small hole in the plastic (visible on left panel). The previous owner said it should start right up all thought I'd recommend cleaning the fuel system/lines and air filter. Nothing a lawn mower shop couldn't help with.

Caroholic Comment:  Highest price I have seen for a Centaur so far, and it didn't run.  Are they starting to get recognized?  They are certainly more unique than any Cushman.


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