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1978 Motobecane
Mobylette 50 VLC

  • Gloss Black/White
  • 49cc 2-Cycle Engine
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • 2.25x17" tires on 17" mag wheels
  • Windshield
  • Radio
  • Chrome luggage rack w/hard saddle bags
  • 30+ MPH top speed

Motobecane Technical Data 

I am looking for any manuals, advertisements, schematics, and other literature for the  Motobecane Technical Data library (link above).  If you have Motobecane Mobylette literature and are willing to share, please send a scan to me at posti@aol.com.
February 28, 2024 - Parts have started to arrive for the Motobecane, including a set of hard-to-find brake shoes for the mag wheels.  The shoes were difficult to put on, but I finally have them in place. I bead-blasted the wheel and painted it with Argent Silver - not a lot different from the original gray, just a but fancier. I have a new tube and cleaned-up tire to put back on, and will get the moped back together.  I have spark and fuel, but need to clean out old gas from the carb.  Once that is done, she might start.
February 22, 2024 - I have started work on the Moby, mostly stripping things off so I can clean and repair as needed.  The fuel tank seems to be leaking from the upper surface, which should be an easy repair.  The fuel valve works and the carb is sending fuel to the cylinder.  The magneto works and the spark plug is getting a good fire.  Chip gave me back the box of extra parts I had with the 1979 Motobecane that I gave him, and a lot of what I need is in there.  I got in NOS handgrips to replace the terrible ones on the moped, and have ordered new tubes and other parts to fix the Moby up.  The front wheel was corroded, but the tire is still good and I was able to bead blast the wheel.  They came painted gray but I am temped to dress it up a bit using Argent Silver like on the MGB and TC wheels.
February 15, 2024 - Being a slow learner, I picked up another Motobecane Mobeylette moped today, this one 3 and a half hours away in Cary NC.  I have been watching it for a few weeks, and decided to make the run down for a look - and of course, purchase. This one is a 50V top-end with lots of options, including windscreen, luggage rack, hard side bins, and radio. The factory toolkit was in its original bag in the tool compartment, and the covers and accessories are all still in place. Happily, the tools and some of the extra parts I bought a few years ago for the red 1979 Motobecane that I gave to Chip last year are still available.  I will have to see what I have after it is cleaned up - this is a 'barn find' with just over 1000 miles on the odometer and muddy tires.