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1966 Solex S3800

Engine #4000579
Totally Restored
2-cycle Friction Drive
Removable Shopping Basket

1966 Solex 3800 Operating Instructions (.pdf file) CLICK HERE.

April 5, 2024 - The Solex received its second Repeat Grand National award today at the 2024 Grand Nationals held in Charlotte NC. A sorta funny thing happened after judging. The people next to me have a Solex that they can't start, and I pulled the top cover off to show her where to prime the carb.  The bolt and washer fell off, but only the washer hit the ground. We searched the bike and the area for at least 30 feet in every direction.  So I replaced the bolt with a new one from Ace Hardware - easy and cheap, and looks the same as the one before except shinier. Which is OK for a restored bike.
May 21, 2022- The Solex was ridden onto the AACA Grand Nationals show field this morning, the first time the moped has actually met the requirements for the class.  Since the Solex already has its Senior Grand National award, it basically just has to show up to get a Preservation award, which it did. 
April 29, 2022 - A big day today!  It ran and was ridden for the first time since 2000! After letting the bike idle a short time, it fires up immediately, and I was able to take for some short rides around the neighborhood.  Looks like I don't need to replace the fuel pump after all! A shaky video is posted on YouTube at: I
April 15, 2022 - Best Bud Chip had the brake cable I needed, so I attacked the replacement today.  It was a little tricky as the cable goes into the frame just behind the handle bars (see circled area) and then exits just in front of the pedals.  Luckily, the cable had never been cut, so I was able to install the longer housing and then thread the existing inner cable through.  Once the brakes were adjusted and tested, i took the bike out back for a quick test.  It has not been run in a good two decades, but it ran for a couple of seconds on a shot of starter fluid.  I will mix up some fuel and get some in the tank.  I also have a new fuel pump diaphragm assembly if it is needed.
April 11, 2022 - The Solex needs very little in the way of fixing up - actually the only flaw appears to be a rear brake cable that was cut too short.  Not an issue for a bike that is only shown, but when you turn to the right, the cable stretches and engages the rear brake.  An easy fix. Another item that has been in my 'to buy' list is a green Solexine fuel can that served as an auxiliary tank for the Solex.  It has a special mount that attaches to the front fork.  With the bike all black and chrome, a bit of color goes a long way. I found a reproduction can and bracket at a German company's website and had it here in just over a week.  It arrived yesterday, and I was able to figure out how to install it today.  The top of the bracket has a tab that fits in a hole already in the fork, and a bracket that clamps to the side.  Now to make that brake cable!
March 25, 2022 - Ah, the dangers of estate sales. TRAACA member Jeff Howie passed away a few months ago, and a friend called me this morning to let me know there was an estate sale at his home just a few miles from me. I went over to find out about his Checker Marathon that my neighbor has been interested in and discovered Jeff's 1966 Solex moped sitting in a corner of the living room. Not only fully restored, but awarded Junior, Senior, Grand National, and Senior Grand National badges. The moped is still perfect, without a scratch or blemish, and is light and small and easy to deal with. And mine. I was in SUCH need of another vehicle!  Lots to learn, but it is pretty much ready to go.  I just need to figure out the controls! 

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