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"Ask the Man Who Owns One"
1941 Packard

110 DeLuxe
Touring Sedan

Packard Blue

Aero-Drive Overdrive
Auxiliary Front Bumper, Clock, Defroster/Foot Warmer, Deluxe Dash Heater, Side Mirrors, Cormorant Emblem, Oil Filter, Wheel Trim Rings

February 15, 2020 - And home!  I picked up Bella today after delivering the Studebaker to its new owner, which freed up space in the garage.  As an added bonus, the trunk was full of parts he ahs gathered over the years - new water pumps, tune-up parts, a new fuel pump, and many other items.  There is also a logbook of fuel and service, plus a real find - the 1941 Packard Facts book, a spiral-bound factory publication used by salesmen.   I have also started to get eBay purchases - sales folders and a factory shop manual.
February 9, 2020 - It has been a busy week, with me out of town for most of it.  The Packard is expected to be brought to the house by this coming weekend, and I got back from a trip to Philadelphia this afternoon in time to paint a rebuilt water pump that will be installed as soon as it arrives.  In the meantime, paint, brochures, and other items have started to appear.
February 3, 2020 - Despite being the first business day of the month, I was able to walk right up to a DMV window and take care of the title and tags!  With that done, I added the Packard to my insurance.  So now Bella is legally mine and ready to drive!
January 26, 2020 - Although my garage is full, this was one of those cars I couldn't pass up:  FOR SALE: 1941 Packard 110 Deluxe 1900DE Touring Sedan, A driver with 80K plus miles that was given a frame-off restoration nearly 20 years ago and still shows well; for sale at book value. Most recent round trip was from Chesapeake to Blacksburg this past spring. Owner looking for a good home with garage to preserve this six cylinder w/ Overdrive, all original Packard Blue, pristine example of Packard quality.

As a bonus.  I've known the Packard for a very long time - the owner is a member of my antique car club, and he takes wonderful care of his cars. I was lucky enough to find out about the ad before anyone else saw it, and decided to take a look. The Packard was even nicer than I had remembered, the 27 year-old off-frame restoration (The work was done 1991-93) still looking very good.  It needs some minor cleaning and detailing of the engine bay and dashboard, some touch-up of the steering wheel, and that's about it.  The engine is smooth and strong and the car drives great. There is some noise that sounds like the water pump going bad, but a new one is included.

Of course, there is a price to be paid - not including the purchase price.  I had to make room in the garage, so the 1951 Studebaker I have owned for 16 has been sold to another friend in the club.  Once the Studebaker is moved, I will be bringing the Packard to its new home!

KNOWN HISTORY - This 1941 Packard 110 Touring Sedan was purchased new from Packard Portland, Inc. at 1333 W. Burnside Avenue, Portland OR (shown at right).  From there history jumps to May 14th, 1991, when Mr. Charles H. Wood of Vancouver (1915-2003) contracted with Mr. Kenneth R. Huber (1937-2018) to perform a complete restoration of the car from 1991 to 1993.  The Packard, with 54,181 original miles at the time, was completely disassembled, the body removed from the frame, and all components restored to as-new condition. Mr. Huber dealt with the body and chassis, while mechanical work, upholstery, brakes, and other work was sent out to other local businesses. The car was sold about 2004 to Mr. Earl Bellamy of Bainbridge Island WA, who owned the car until October 13, 2009, when it was purchased by a local car club friend Jere Avenson.  Jere had a refurbished Packard overdrive unit  installed, and also had the dashboard and door panel inserts beautifully re-grained. The car has been lightly used for touring and pleasure driving by all of the previous owners, resulting in a total mileage at time of my purchase of just over 74K original miles.

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