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2005 Toyota
Sieanna LE
5-Door FWD Minivan

SOLD 12/08/2017

182,000 miles
3.3 Liter V6/5-speed Overdrive Automatic
4-wheel Anti-Lock Disc Brakes
7-passenger Captain's Chairs Seating
Stow-n-go back seats
Power passenger door
Alloy Wheels/215/65R16 Radials
AM/FM/CD/Cassette Stereo
Dual-Zone Climate Control

December 8, 2017 - As expected, the Toyota Sienna did not hang around long.  I had mixed feelings about selling it - the van was a great driver and very pretty as well.  In fact, I have driven it daily since I first got it.  However, I have the Sonata and the Mazda as drivers, both purchased new and with considerably fewer miles on them.  Besides, I have no need of a van - the most passengers I have ever had fit comfortably in the Sonata.  The Sienna should provide good service for the family that bought it.
November 11, 2017 - My first Toyota is a really nice minivan which is probably destined to be a short-timer.  It is very pretty, drives great, and has more cargo room than the truck!  One-owner from new and garage kept, it has held up well despite more than 180K miles on the odometer.  You could easily take 100K off that reading and no one would question it.  It had 5000 miles on the last oil change and was still right on the full mark, and other than some stains in the carpet, even the interior is clean and in great shape.  I have some new factory floor mats coming, and got new front tires and an oil change for it today.  I also got a showrooms sales folder off eBay - always fun to have. 

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